24/7 Monitoring

High-end Alarm Monitoring Systems for Wellington Homes and Businesses

Titanium Security provides tailored alarm monitoring solutions that never sleep for business and residential applications of all sizes throughout Wellington and the surrounding area.  We provide both commercial and residential alarm monitoring systems, ensuring your home and business premises are fully secured at all times with 24/7 protection.

With 24/7 professional alarm monitoring, you can be sure your home is protected day and night, even when you’re away. Titanium Security provides you with the best levels of security protection via video alarm monitoring protection.

We specialize in providing the following monitoring System services

  • GPRS (monitoring on 2G & 3G network)
  • IP Monitoring (monitoring through internet connection)
  • Dual path monitoring (highest security)
  • Self-monitoring (home alarm monitoring through app and cloud push notify servers)

With the NZ wide Fibre roll out Chorus has confirmed that they are withdrawing the copper network most customers will be notified in writing and given 6 months’ notice this will affect your alarm if you are still using the copper network to monitor your alarm.

24/7 Monitoring


GPRS monitoring uses mobile networks to transmit alarm signals to the security control room. This method replaces traditional monitoring as the Fibre is being rolled out and also provides a higher level of security as dual sim 4G can be utilised, this means it can run on the Spark network or the Vodaphone

Another added security feature with 4G monitoring is poll rates can be selected as short as a 1-hour window, this essentially checks the connection between the panel and the control room once every hour whereas traditional dialler monitoring sends a test call once for a 24-hour period. Being a cloud device, we can also supply a remote arming and disarming app to applicable clients. GPRS monitoring can be a more secure option for your alarm system because even if the phone line and power are down, the security system can still communicate back to the monitoring station using the mobile network.


  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring using the mobile GPRS network to send signals.
  • Not be easily tampered with and cutting the phone line will not stop it working.
  • Runs off your alarm back-up battery so will still communicate even in power outages 
  • Devices with dual sim roam from one mobile service provider to another in the event of an outage, or any other technical difficulty.
  • No broadband or phone line connections are needed for monitoring.
  • Compatible with most existing alarm systems and is recognised by insurance companies.
  • You do not need a mobile account as the data connect cost is built into our monthly monitoring fee.
  • No need to keep the internet or phone connection going when the house or business is vacant.
  • 3G/4G/5G can allow remote access via associated APPs
  • For rental properties that have no land lines or internet connection the alarm can still be monitored


  • You will require a GPRS device that can be supplied by Titanium Security
  • GPRS monitoring cost slightly more than a Copper connection 
Security Guard Monitoring Multiple CCTV Footage


IP alarm monitoring uses the client’s internet connection to transmit the security systems signal to the alarm monitoring centre through IP. Monitoring will also continue to work so long as your internet connection continues to work, using a back-up battery or UPS.


  • Compatible with most alarm types.
  • Using an IP Module with fibre may give you remote access to your system dependant on system
  • IP monitoring is faster than Copper Monitoring, signals get to monitoring faster and report that the system is working and connected multiple times a day.
  • You do not need a phone line


  • Titanium Security recommends that you have your Service provider and ISP routers have UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) attached. This will keep your alarm signals going through in the event of a power outage or having someone interfere with the power to the building.
  • You will have to have room on your switch for another device
  • There is a possibility that the IP unit could be unplugged by mistake
  • If you change ISPs, you will need a technician to reconfigure the IP unit
24/7 Monitoring

Monitoring Packages


  • Activations: we will follow your specific instructions if your alarm activates.
  • Opens & closes: we will log every time your alarm is turned on or off, and these logs can be accessed (securely) online.
  • Maintenance: all system and maintenance alarms are followed up as per our in-house standard procedures which can be altered to your specific requirements.

Grade 2

  • Everything included with the Grade 1 package, plus:
  • Once a night check: we will check (once a night, at a time specified by you) that your alarm system has been turned on and we’ll contact you if it hasn’t.

Grade 3

  • Everything included with the Grade2 package, plus:
  • Thorough night check: we will keep trying to contact you or your staff until your alarm has been set.
  • Option to choose Open Time or First In Time: if someone unsets your alarm outside specified times we will act according to your choice (e.g., contact you or staff for a system password, let you know who entered or send a preferred guard to investigate).

Additional options are available on request