Reliable CCTV Solutions: Professional Servicing, Maintenance, and Fault Repair Services Ensuring Optimal Security


CCTV System Maintenance

Do you currently have a home or commercial CCTV system that may need to be serviced? or have you moved into a new property with an existing CCTV system and need to get it back up and running?

Titanium Security provides the best security system maintenance in Wellington and surrounding areas for both home and business. Whether you need a password changed, hard drive replaced, faulty camera repaired or even add another camera to your current system we can help you.

We service and repair all makes and models of CCTV systems in Wellington and surrounding areas. We have the knowledge and capacity to quickly resolve issues on all CCTV systems through complex fault finding on business and commercial security systems.

CCTV System Maintenance

CCTV servicing and repairs we can help you with:

  • Reprogramming CCTV Passwords with your existing site.
  • CCTV hard drive replacement.
  • Fixing or replacing faulty Camera.
  • Investigation of camera outages.
  • Cable testing & fault finding on your CCTV system.
  • Replacing weathered External Cameras.
  • Upgrading and modernizing your current CCTV system.
A Wireless CCTV camera setting outside building with white box water poof with sun blur background.
Technician installing CCTV camera for security

We recommend that you get a Warrant of Fitness at least annually for your CCTV. You need to know that it’s working, before you have a problem or burglary.

We can remind you when your CCTV service is due.

A qualified Technician will conduct the below tasks

  • Professionally Clean all cameras inside and outdoors
  • Check system is recording at correct frame rate and picture is of good quality
  • Check length of backup

CCTV System Fault Repairs

What are the signs that your CCTV needs repairing?

  • Is your CCTV System beeping?
  • Is your Fault light on?
  • Having problems retrieving footage?
  • Do you have distorted pictures?
  • Is your CCTV system restarting for no reason?

Our professional team of reliable qualified security technicians can provide 24/7* repairs for your home or commercial CCTV system.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we do this by working to a superior ethical standard. All of our security technicians are fully qualified and licenced

Our experienced security team provides professional CCTV installations for home and business owners throughout the greater Wellington region, including Kapiti, Porirua, and Lower Hutt.

Contact us today to find out more about our CCTV and security camera Installation costs. 


*Callout charge may be charged for faults outside of normal business hours (7-5 Mon-Fri Exc Public Holidays)